GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10

This ranking is designed to single out this year's most popular GPS hardware brands in the telematics market. Out of more than 700 hardware manufacturers, only 10 reach the top.

For the Wialon community, GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 is the key ranking together with the regional Wialon partner rankings.
No IoT solution can exist without hardware. Our technology partners provide a solid hardware base for any project. Over 3,100 types of GPS devices are available for the Wialon partners to help bring their most innovative and creative projects to life.

Hardware companies whose devices were most frequently connected to Wialon over the past 12 months make it to the GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 ranking. In 2023, we identified the top 10 most popular brands from over 700 whose devices are integrated with Wialon.

Why does being in the Top 10 matter?

Most telematics service providers prefer using hardware from a brand they know and trust. The more devices of a manufacturer are used in diverse projects, the more real-life evidence there is that the equipment is reliable and of high quality.

Wialon controls the location and condition of over 3.6 million vehicles and other assets in 150+ countries globally, which gives us an opportunity to keep a fair, unbiased record of the most popular GPS hardware brands year in, year out.
Being at the top of the ranking is not only a milestone within the community; it also indicates the hardware manufacturer's success in the global telematics world. Along with the title of the leader, a special trophy and a certificate will mark the incredible achievement of the companies that made it to the top of the ranking.

Companies ranked as GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 in 2023

Behind every position in this ranking, there's the companies' everyday hard work: developing unique solutions, making reliable and affordable devices, and building solid relationships with partners. Congratulations to the Top 10!
Congratulations to Teltonika Telematics on a well-deserved first place. In the five years that our ranking of GPS hardware manufacturers has existed, Teltonika has never gone below second place. It's always challenging to remain a leader in a high-tech industry — you need to be flexible and predict trends and demands. And, as we can see, Teltonika Telematics can do it like no other!
Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Head of Wialon

Let's meet the new leaders

Who are the companies that hit the list in 2023? Find out more about them on the blog, as well as about the hardware they make.
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